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High quality, made in Italy, designer office chairs and executive office chairs

High quality made in Italy designer office chairs and executive office chairs

A truly impressive collection of luxury Italian executive chairs and seating for the office or your home office. Laporta designer office chairs are top of the range, high quality, "Made in Italy' office chairs and are eminently suitable for all your top executives and directors.

Sumptuous, high grade real Italian leather office chairs are stylish,ergonomic and incredibly comfortable. They all have excellent levels of support enabling freedom of thought for today's hard working professionals and directors. Our contemporary selections of executive leather desk chairs have exceptional build quality and are fully covered by our 5 year manufacturers warranty providing you with additional peace of mind.

For your CEO office chair you can select a prestigious high back leather desk chair with a full set of matching leather visitors chairs or boardroom chairs. You will also discover high-end fully adjustable executive chairs with integrated headrests and superior ergonomics or medium high back designer desk chairs with elegance and poise. We have so many high quality executive desk chair models for you to choose from for your interior design schemes and home offices projects.

Whichever one of our modern executive office chairs you choose you are assured of top quality Italian leather , the very best upholstery fabrics, or the cool refreshing sophistication of mesh.

All mesh executive chairs are sleek, stylish and a designers favourite. Mesh back chairs with a generous fully upholstered leather seat provide you with additional levels of support and comfort without compromising on style. Any one of our stylish, contemporary desk chairs can be specified with total confidence as these exceptional designer office chairs are 100% made in Italy. They effortlessly provide an exceptional balance between Italian aesthetics, traditional values and of course a superior build quality.

The purchase of a Laporta seating product is an investment in quality with many exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture in the UK.

Black or White designer office chairs

Fiorenzo Dorigo the highly acclaimed Italian designer delivers a strong design statement with Black or White Italian office chairs.

A bold idea, coupled with high quality traditional and contemporary manufacturing techniques, ensures a prestigious collection of leather and net weave executive office chairs that really are as good as they look.

These deluxe office and Boardroom chairs are luxurious and ergonomic made with care and dedication to Italian design principles.

Italian quality and craftsmanship, the finest materials and leather plus a 5 year warranty.

Black or White Executive Office chairs by Sitia are exclusive to Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £1129
Tempo executive office chairs

Tempo, designed and manufactured in Italy, is a sleek, elegant and highly refined designer office chair. Incredibly comfortable, contemporary and luxurious in every sense. Tempo Italian office chairs fully satisfy the demands created by rapid changes in technology that dictate the way we live and work.

No matter where we work we all desire a comfortable office chair and Tempo chairs provide levels of comfort that can only be experienced and appreciated by actually sitting on one.

As an executive desk chair, or within your boardroom and meeting rooms, the elegant and modern shape, coupled with high quality Italian craftsmanship, provides you with a luxurious and distinctive design that is synonymous with the Made in Italy brand.

Tempo executive office chairs and boardroom chairs by Sitia are exclusive to Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

From £380
Havana executive office chairs

Havana is an impressive Italian executive office chair, which speaks volumes about your appreciation of the finer things in life. A heritage of quality manufacturing is truly evident within this stylish contemporary range of Italian Office chairs. Large Sumptuous High back chairs with an in- built headrest are suitable for even the tallest amongst us. Generous, medium high back chairs provide exceptional levels of ergonomic comfort for the majority of us and are as tall as most other high back chairs.

Havana Cantilever and return swivel chairs enable you to deliver a strong design statement within your conference and Board rooms. Three distinct upholstery styles will give the designer in you free range to experiment with colours and texture without compromising comfort.

Havana chairs by Sitia are exclusively available at Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £665
Havana Mini Italian Office Chairs

Havana mini office chairs offer exceptional value for such a high build quality and will more than satisfy your design principles.

Available in many colour choices and 3 distinctive upholstery combinations you will discover the perfect solution for your business seating. For executives and busy managers that hold frequent meetings at the desk or around a personal meeting table within their offices we have introduced a collection of matching visitors chairs. We have not forgotten your boardroom and meeting rooms either, you can select and specify the cantilever chairs or the desk chairs for these areas as well, or select the clean simple lines of the return swivel models.

Havana Mini Italian Office chairs by Sitia exclusively available at Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £495
Nesi Leather Executive Chairs

Nesi made to order bespoke executive chairs are produced especially for you in a stylish wood and leather combination to match your prestigious Tau or Taiko executive desks.

True luxury needs to stand out by ensuring that quality is always high and this is guaranteed by the skill and experience of our master craftsmen.

High quality button work, double stitching and the natural beauty and warmth of real wood combine to produce a truly luxurious and comfortable executive seating range.

Nesi Executive Office chairs by Artom are exclusive to Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £1695
Darwin Executive Office Chairs

Italian design is a brand in itself which has come to stand for quality, durability, simplicity and good taste. The "Made in Italy" marque is renowned the world over for creative, innovative people that appreciate luxury.

To fully appreciate luxury one understands and enjoys the very best things in life and Darwin executive office chairs are sumptuous, well-tailored, elegant and extremely comfortable.

A classic styling and flawless attention to detail ensures that Darwin seating products follow the Italian love for quality and durability.

DarwinExecutive Office chairs by Sitia are exclusively available at Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £735
Major office chairs and meeting chairs

Major, a compact and elegant designer office chair designed by the Italian Architect Fiorenzo Dorigo is highly suitable for both the commercial and domestic office environments.

The softer lines and excellent levels of comfort are ideal for the modern office environment, your home office or corporate meeting rooms. A beautifully produced product with that very distinctive "Made in Italy" branding.

A refined office chair in either a streamlined low back version or with a slightly higher back panel for longer seating durations. This designer chair will bring impeccable build quality and exquisite simplicity to your Meeting rooms and Boardrooms.

Major Designer Office chairs by Sitia exclusively available at Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £510
SABAL Executive Office Chairs

A top of the range collection of Italian high back executive office chairs and medium back desk chairs that will grace your Directors office, your boardroom or select one with confidence to fit into your home as your sumptuous home office chair.

In fact Sabal office chairs are so ergonomically comfortable your working tasks will pass by unnoticed. A timeless luxurious Italian office chair manufactured with traditional elegance in high quality leather or fabric.

Sabal Directors Office chairs by Sitia are exclusively available at Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £755
Rolling Frame executive office chairs

Rolling Frame executive office chairs designed by Alberto Meda and manufactured by Alias Design in Italy are high quality designer office chairs supported by a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Style, poise and an excellent build quality are the essence of this luxury Italian seating range. Frame seating is an extensive collection and here one can select Rolling frame + desk chairs with the added tilt mechanism and gas lift seat height adjustment.

Alternatively, and upon request all Rolling Frame executive chairs can also be specified as height adjustable desk chairs without the tilt mechanism.

Both are wonderful solutions where a light stylish home office desk chair is a must for your home office areas.

From £569
Authentic Charles and Ray Eames Chairs

The world renowned and classic office furniture designs of Charles and Ray Eames. Modern furniture classics with an amazing attention to detail.

As Charles Eames said "It will in the end be these details that give the product it's life". Indeed these luxurious office chairs are as popular now as in 1958.

Whether you select Eames soft pad chairs or Eames aluminium group office and boardroom chairs your comfort and style requirements are sure to be more than satisfied.

These are original Vitra branded Charles and Ray Eames office chairs.

From £1195
Light Executive Office Chairs

A superb collection of classically styled Italian leather office chairs and designer leather boardroom chairs. Two distinct and very different leather upholstery choices are available as well as a stylish net weave mesh alternative.

These established Directors office chairs have that authoritative made in Italy stamp and are supported by the manufacturers 5 year warranty.

An opulent series of competitively priced Executive office chairs that will satisfy even the most demanding Directors. Comfortable, stylish and very well made chairs that will also fit in perfectly at home as your home office chair

From £250
Rolling Frame executive office chairs

Rolling Frame leather executive office chairs and boardroom seating designed by Alberto Meda and manufactured by Alias Design in Italy are high quality designer chairs supported by a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Style, poise and an excellent build quality are the essence of this luxury Italian seating range.

Meeting Frame + is a meeting room and boardroom self adjusting swivel chair. The structure is in a combination of extruded aluminium and die cast aluminium elements with High quality Italian Leather upholstery.

 Place them with confidence within your Meeting and boardrooms for a high quality aesthetic solution. Frame Meeting room chairs are comfortable for even the longest of meeting

From £1110
Beaute Leather Office Chairs

As beautiful and stylish as their name implies they deliver a strong design statement for your directors offices and boardrooms as well as enhancing your home office. Exquisite and resoundingly executive these contemporary office chairs are of the utmost build quality. Fashioned by skilled Italian craftsmen with an attention to detail that can only come with years of experience. The superb stitching and upholstery details coupled with sumptuous upholstered arms provides you with an assured statement of quality that is also supported by the manufactures excellent 5 year warranty.

Beaute Leather office chairs by Sitia are exclusively available at Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £829
Selected Italian Designer chairs for your Home Office

Don't miss our extensive collection of Italian designer office chairs and task chairs too.

Again our 5 year warranty provides peace of mind.

Here you will discover cost effective Italian task and computer chairs in fabric or leather. A full range of high quality designer chairs to suit your office and budget.

Each and every one of our Italian Office chairs can be selected as your perfect home office chair. Many ranges are excluve to Laporta in the UK.

From £175
Selected Italian Designer chairs for your Home Office

Within this section we include a few individually designed Italian office chairs particularly suitable for compact spaces within the home office environment but these are also great for commercial office spaces too.

These will prove to be aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically comfortable versions to accompany your designer home office desk.

All of these great designer office chairs are made in Italy and many of these are exclusively available from Laporta Office Funiture in the UK.

From £219
NULITE Designer Office Chairs

The Nulite collection of Designer Italian office chairs upholstered in Leather or Net Weave are elegant and aesthetically pleasing office desk chairs and office meeting room chairs and are indeed eminently suitable for the plushest of Boardrooms.

A comfortable designer task seating solution which works equally well as your luxury Home office chair.

Here you will discover an extensive collection of high back executive chairs and medium high back managers chairs that will grace any office environment and are of course backed by a 5 year warranty.

From £430

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