Sofas and Armchairs

First Impressions are so important. Italy’s well established fashion skills, guarantee sofa products with an eye for detail and a commitment to craftsmanship. Both of which will certainly help you to improve your key seating areas.

We therefore ensure that these traditional Italian values are present in all our designer office sofa selections. Consequently they are highly desirable soft seating solutions for your executive offices and reception areas.

Furthermore our superb collection of sleek, stylish Italian office sofas are 100% ‘Made In Italy’. To clarify this is an  internationally renowned brand that is synonymous with luxury high end products.

Accordingly this provides you with an assurance of quality that you should demand for your prestigious seating areas.

For you this provenance should be important. We have therefore selected stylish sofas and armchairs from high – end producers truly representing this brand.

100% Made in Italy Office Sofas

Our Italian sofas are therefore distinguished by clean simple lines , high quality construction and luxurious upholstery. As a result they will afford you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

At Laporta we ensure that this Italian style is matched with real substance. This is something that can only be generated by years of tradition and quality craftsmanship.

Moreover your directors will certainly appreciate our comfortable, well made leather office sofas and armchairs. For their relaxed informal meeting areas each sofa and armchair will be made to order using top quality materials. Thus delivering refinement, prestige and impressive levels of comfort.

You will find that our reception waiting room seating is competitively priced and highly desirable. And a must have luxury item to update your front of house reception seating areas.

The desire for well constructed leather reception seating will always be strong but flexibility is equally important. Hence high quality faux leather and warm exquisite fabrics can also enhance   your interior design schemes.

Therefore all of our feature arm chairs and office sofas can be specified in a number of diverse upholstery materials.