Boardroom Tables

Successful boardroom presentations are all about ideas, inspiration and careful preparation. The Italian Instinct for elegance and beauty is clearly evident in our luxury boardroom tables.Thereby creating the perfect environment for your important executives. All our striking designer boardroom table designs are “100% Made in Italy” . Clearly a brand that provides much more than a consumer product but an assurance of quality and a uniqueness in design.

First impressions are so important and all our high – end boardroom tables are distinguished by their clean simple lines and use of top quality materials. There is an exceptional balance between Italian aesthetics, traditional values, and of course a superior build quality. Consequently these tables are sure to deliver refinement and prestige to all your conference rooms.

100% Made in Italy Boardroom Furniture

Laporta boardroom tables are luxury high quality Italian boardroom tables . They are available in high end precious wood finishes such as dark oak. ebony and walnut. Therefore providing you with a warm and inviting boardroom space that is truly Individual and satisfying.

You can even select matching Nesi or Rica leather boardroom chairs in exactly the same choice of wood and leather finishes. As a result you are able to easily streamline your high end boardroom design with an elegant furniture solution.

These stylish boardroom tables are 100% Made in Italy. In conclusion this is a brand that provides much more than a consumer product. It also provides an assurance of quality, a certain uniqueness and a design classic.