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Cupboards - Italian designer storage solutions

Cupboards - Italian designer cupboards and sideboards

Office storage that is much more than just an afterthought. The Italian Instinct for elegance and beauty is clearly evident in our cupboards and sideboards and will assist you in creating the perfect environment for your important executives. All our striking designer storage cupboards are “100% Made in Italy” a brand that provides much more than a consumer product but an assurance of quality and a uniqueness in design.

At Laporta we understand that first impressions are so important and all our high - end sideboards and cupboards are distinguished by their clean simple lines and use of top quality materials. A balance that is sure to deliver refinement and prestige to all your executive office areas.

Here you can locate and buy many diverse ranges of designer office storage cupboards and executive sideboards. A fantastic selection of sliding door cupboards with suspension or lateral filing solutions. Striking hinged door cupboards with matching shelving units, bookcases and filing cabinets - the choice is yours.

The purchase of a Laporta storage product or filing cabinet is an investment in quality with many designs exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture in the UK.

Prospero Executive Desks

Modi Italian storage cupboards and bookcases perfectly compliment  Modi designer executive desks and tables. These superb well designed credenza and tall storage units with stylish decorative panels work equally well at home as sideboards and bookcases.

The clever all in one storage and bookcase design is a display cabinet and  multifunctional storage cupboard rolled into a single unit. Behind the decorative engraved panels and with access from each side one can find frosted glass shelves providing display storage for books, folders and many of your exciting and treasured objects.

Cupboards From £1445
Prospero Executive modular storage

Quality and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of luxury and Prospero is without doubt a distinctive and highly desirable luxury brand. Prospero modular storage designed by Lorenzo Marcolin is an exceptional top quality individual storage solution for executives and perfectly compliments Prospero executive desks. Prospero storage modules have integrated horizontal and vertical modularity and are the perfect designer solution for storing books, box files and lever arch folders.

Prospero luxury modular storage cupboards by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £975
ON - Designer Cupboards

This modern clever range of floor standing cupboards, wall mounted shelves and bookcases will provide a harmonious blend of colour, materials and dimensions to your interior. Designed by Lorenzo Marcolin and made in Italy they provide relationship and balance for FRIDAY and ON desks as well as providing independent coherent solutions. Striking well made and cost effective ON storage.

ON Wall mounted and floor standing storage cupboards by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £349
6x3 Cupboards & Filing Cabinets

Here you will discover an exciting modern range of Italian designer cupboards and filing cabinets to satisfy all your office storage

Flexibility is the key to maximizing your precious floor space, mix and match the low base cupboards and filing cabinets with upper cupboard modules to create highly desirable aesthetics with practical

6 X 3 modular cupboard combinations will enable you to plan and utilize all your vertical and horizontal

6x3 Modular storage units and filing cabinets by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

Cupboards From £249
Ekliss Glass Sliding Door Cupboards & Filing Cabinets

Ekliss sliding door cupboards designed and manufactured in Italy will visually improve your open plan office environment and directors offices. These stylish Italian storage cupboards are not only aesthetically pleasing but robustly engineered. Available in 3 different heights with sliding doors or drawers they provide traditional solutions when positioned against walls or cost effective solutions when specified as multi purpose storage and partitions.

Matching three drawer filing cabinet solutions are also available in the 3 heights.

Ekliss sliding glass door storage cupboards and filing cabinets by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £1125
Ekliss Cupboards

Ekliss Italian sliding door cupboards and filing cabinets are available with grey melamine structures and a choice of six different door or drawer finishes as superb robust entry level solutions for your office environment. Alternatively select the doors, drawers or the entire storage unit in one of our 15 matt lacquered colours for a desirable designer solution. These versatile space saving sliding door cupboards and filing cabinets will provide you and your designer with the perfect balance between design principles and practicality

Ekliss sliding door storage cupboards and filing cabinets by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £699
Primo Steel cabinets and cupboards

Steel Filing cabinets and cupboards with unmistakable design flair that only comes with a Made in Italy assurance, superior in build quality and style this modular range of storage units has been designed by Takiro Yuta to fully cater for all your office and home office storage needs. Minimalist in design yet very versatile with a comprehensive selection of modular or free standing storage modules they satisfy even the most stringent office storage requirements. Available for you in a choice of three stylish colours, select white, silver or black filing cabinets and you can even mix and match the colours to suit your office design

From £595
Prospero Bench Cupboards

These multi-purpose hinged door cupboards have stylish MDF lacquered doors with a horizontal ribbed design. Each cupboard is lockable and comes complete with two rows of steel shelving or lateral filing frames.

Prospero Bench hinged door storage cupboards by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £275
Minimum Glass

For a streamlined office you can suite these stunning cubboards in matt glass colours within your free standing or wall mounted storage modules and matching desks and tables. The cupboard doors, sides and tops can all be selected in a matt lacquered or a matt glass finish thus achieving highly sophisticated and individual office and home office arrangements.

Minimum prestigious Italian Executive furniture by Ultom Italia is exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

Cupboards from £1279
Boxes 6x3 Glass Hinged Door Cupboards

Discover a full range of contemporary hinged door sideboards and cupboards to enhance your executive office and board room areas. Stylish credenza height cupboards are offered here with either black glass or frosted glass doors and a selection of 15 different matt lacquered colours to choose from for the sides and tops.Elegant and modern with that Made in Italy assurance, they can be specified independently of our desks and tables or selected to match perfectly with one of the designs from the same factory.

6x3 Glass fronted storage cupboards and filing cabinets by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

Cupboards From £460
Classic Line Sliding Door Cupboards

Flexible Italian designer bookcases that can be ordered as stylish open fronted bookcase or shelving modules to satisfy your library shelving requirements at home or within the office. A selection of different door closures can be added to transform your bookcase into a combination storage solution that will not only will provide library shelving and concealed cupboard storage areas within the same module.

Select full height doors for high volumes of storage that need to be hidden away or smaller rectangular doors for individual concealed storage areas.

From £485
Isi Wall Storage

Isi Wall storage cupboards are the perfect solution for your directors office, home office or boardroom. Lorenzo Marcolin designed Isi Wall storage as the ideal companion for Isotta desks and Isotta meeting tables. Compatible finishes also allow you to specify Isi Wall storage with Prospero desks and Prospero meeting tables.

Mix and match the lacquered door fronts from the standard colour palette to enhance and compliment your scheme. Door fronts can also be supplied in birch veneer, Italian walnut and rosewood veneer.

From £1200
Classic Line Sliding Door Cupboards

Classic line sliding door cupboards with adjustable shelving are designed and made in Italy to exacting manufacturing standards. Simple, elegant and unfussy design characteristics will provide you with the confidence to locate them anywhere within your office. Stylish yet highly functional the crisp white design is ideal for your design or Architects studio or why not select silver aluminium to blend in perfectly in your office environment with our new or existing desks.

Robust yet unassuming Classic line steel sliding door cupboards can be positioned where space is at a real premium.

From £345
TAIKO Luxury Italian Bookcases

Taiko high-end executive office furniture combines the sheer elegance of Italian design with a manufacturing precision to create a strong first impression for your Directors offices. A Taiko office becomes even more prestigious with the addition of a Taiko storage unit.

Like the desk, the unit’s special projecting feature combines with the solid, uninterrupted surface that runs the length of the unit itself. The cupboard top is raised from the storage unit and is ideal for show-casing vases, sculpture and personal souvenirs It is also a solid shelf to hold books or working project files. Underneath behind the glass doors with wood strips the unit provides ample space for the storage of lever arch folders box files and lots more.

Taiko prestigious Italian Executive furniture by Ultom Italia is exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

From £3,355

Tau is a high end executive office furniture range and included within this luxury executive desk range we have exquisite matching sideboards and credenzas which are available in either dark oak or white gloss. Combine the stunning overhanging top with either smooth door fronts or glass door fronts with striking wood strips. These stylish and contemporary cupboards are 100% made in Italy and combine traditional craftsman's skills with highly desirable aesthetics.

Tau prestigious Italian furniture for chief executives and directors by Ultom Italia is exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

Bookcases from £850
EDOC Bookcases and Sideboard

Edoc Sideboards are a powerful combination of Italian design and manufacturing precision creating strong first impressions for your Executive Offices. Available with a classic monochrome detailing in dark oak or anthracite grey oak - other woods are also optional.

To compliment your designer sideboard there are matching Executive Desks, Tables and a range of bookcases.

Edoc prestigious Italian Furniture by Ultom Italia exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

From £4695

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Under desk storage cupboards
Maximise your storage and space utilisation by adding high quality designer under desk cupboards, draw units and filing cabinets. Our selection of high quality Italian mobile pedestals can be purchased as individual under desk storage units or combined with one of our stylish desks and tables. A great range of designs, styles, finishes, colours and draw configurations are available.

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