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Italian Office Furniture

Shelving and Bookcases

Office storage that is much more than just an afterthought. Design your entire office around our stunning selection of Italian bookcases and shelving units. Contemporary Bookcases and library shelving units suitable for your office, home office or indeed your living room. A full selection of open fronted shelving units or combination bookcases where one can select doors and open spaces to suit your storage needs.

Twist Bookcases

Lorenzo Marcolin has extended the highly desirable Twist Reception Desk range to include these matching Italian bookcases and room dividers. These Italian designed library and shelving units double up as exquisite room dividers separating reception from open plan areas or creating individual meeting and break-out zones.

You can combine all the curved, circular and rectangular modules to create ideal storage solutions for dividing your office areas without purchasing basic screens and partition systems!

Twist designer Italian bookcases by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £865
Forme Bookcases

Deliver a strong design statement within your offices or living areas at home with these superior wall mounted shelving units and storage boxes.

Simple yet elegant with typical Italian flair these efficient shelving units provide a desirable focal point with a simply distinctive look.

Designed and researched In Italy by SEDdesire these wall mounted storage and shelving units perfectly compliment our Italian ranges of desks and tables and will prove to be wonderful additions to your interior design scheme.

Forme designer wall mounted storage and shelving units by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £245
6 X 3 Italian Designer Bookcases

Flexible Italian designer bookcases that can be ordered as stylish open fronted bookcase or shelving modules to satisfy your library shelving requirements at home or within the office. A selection of differentdoor closures can be added to transform your bookcase into a combination storage solution that will not only will provide library shelving and concealed cupboard storage areas within the same module.

For a truly individual flavour introduce combinations of the concave convex doors and discover a palette that will truly inspire you to create fun and practicable storage solutions for your living rooms, bedrooms and of course to compliment your office furniture layouts.

6x3 contemporary bookcases with doors by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £485
TAIKO Luxury Italian Bookcases

Taiko high-end executive office furniture combines the sheer elegance of Italian design with a manufacturing precision to create a strong first impression for your Directors offices.

The large TAIKO bookcase has a vertical unit that functions as a full closet. Made to store garments, it ensures a neat and uncluttered office. The side storage units with tilting doors, provide ample and easily accessible filing space. A large, open area is filled with solid glass shelves, ideal for precious volumes or personal souvenirs.

Taiko prestigious Italian Executive furniture by Ultom Italia is exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

Bookcases from £10,575
ON - Designer Cupboards

This modern clever range of floor standing cupboards, wall mounted shelves and bookcases will provide a harmonious blend of colour, materials and dimensions to your interior. Designed by Lorenzo Marcolin and made in Italy they provide relationship and balance for FRIDAY and ON desks as well as providing independent coherent solutions. Striking well made and cost effective ON storage.

ON Wall mounted and floor standing storage cupboardsand shelves by Ultom Italia are exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd

From £349
EDOC Bookcases and Sideboard

Edoc Bookcases are a powerful combination of Italian design and manufacturing precision creating strong first impressions for your Executive Offices. Available in two heights and as standard with a classic monochrome detailing in dark oak or anthracite grey oak - other woods are also optional.

To compliment your designer bookcases there are matching Executive Desks, Tables and a long sideboard with drawers.

Edoc prestigious Italian Furniture by Ultom Italia exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

From £4695

Filing Cabinets and designe storage solutions

A full selection of Italian designer filing cabinets, purchase them as individual storage items or partner them with one of the matching cupboards that will invariably be available from within the same range. Excellent build quality and attention to detail.


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