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TAIKO Luxury Italian Boardroom Tables


Taiko high-end Italian boardroom tables combine the sheer elegance of Italian design with a manufacturing precision to create a strong first impression.

Precious wood veneers in dark oak and black ash create a warm and inviting boardroom space that is truly Individual and satisfying. The 56mm thick table tops with Italian leather inlays offer a level of refinement and sophistication that is alluring and distinctively Italian.

Integral wire management by means of a removable aluminium profile provides an elegant solution for hiding cables. 

The 3900 wide D ended table will seat 12-14 Directors comfortably and productively for the longest of meetings.

The Taiko oval boardroom table completes this prestigious executive furniture range and can also be specified with Nesi boardroom chairs

Taiko is a combination of high quality materials assembled to work in harmony to clearly depict Italian tradition and dedication to real craftsmanship. Such design excellence, prestige and subtlety is clearly evident and well balanced.

Powerful looking, with extremely polished details, TAIKO is a “cult” line of furniture. The TAIKO concept continually melds past and present. Technical excellence and careful consideration of formal proportions come together in TAIKO in a harmonious way. TAIKO completely fulfils the functional requirements of office furniture while, at the same time, giving the person who chooses it the pleasure and satisfaction that only beautiful and elegant prestige furniture can provide.

Taiko by Ultom Italia is exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

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Oval shaped Boardroom Table. With Two bases.
Table top is 56 mm thick with Leather inlay and a removable aluminium profile to enable the passing of cables
Oval shaped Boardroom Table TK390 3900 x 1500 x 750 High Dark oak and Brown Leather


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Oval shaped Boardroom Table TK390 3900 x 1500 x 750 High Black Ash and Black Leather


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Oval shaped Boardroom Table TK390 3900 x 1500 x 750 High White Gloss and Black Leather 


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Cable management system

Vertical and horizontal cable management 




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Taiko Italian Boardroom Table with Nesi Chairs

Taiko Italian Boardroom Table



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Taiko Meeting Table

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TAIKO is the Japanese word for “drum,” and, like any other musical instrument, this drum will make a balanced and harmonious sound only if it is well built.All objects produce a sound when they are lightly stro-ked, touched, used. TAIKO is a combination of materials assembled to work in harmony, to “sound” in harmony: there is the desktop sound of wood, deep and reassuring; the sound of leather, muted and soft; the sound of metal structure, clear and constant, never yielding. All these sounds work together in harmony and the result is a voice that is solid, fascinating and seductive: the voice of TAIKO.

TAIKO combines scrupulous control of lines, minimal shapes and technical elements with the richness of elegant detail to create a presence that personifies prestige. Precious wood covers the surfaces, ample use of leather makes the workspace warm and welcoming, rich finishing touches define the connections between surfaces and floor, details inviting close contact to appreciate the elegance and refinement of each TAIKO piece.

Cable management



Ultom LogoUltom Italia have selected products under the Artom label to preserve woodworking know-how. Passion for craftsmanship. Meticulous attention to detail in production. Research into exclusivity. The use of natural veneers with their unique characteristics and secrets. All  of which are symbolised within Taiko prestigious Italian Executive desks by Ultom Italia exclusively available from Laporta Office Furniture Ltd.

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