TWIST RECEPTION DESKS – Modular Rectangular and Curved Reception Desks

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When first impressions really count, choose TWIST Italian reception desks. A Stunning collection of Italian designer reception desks designed by the Italian Architect Lorenzo Marcolin and a true reflection of Italian style and design. The essence of Twist reception desks is the varied array of colour selections that can be made for the 6 horizontal bands. You will definitely produce a reception area desk that is stamped with your individual personality. Twist circular and rectangular reception desk modules certainly are a lot of fun. Each high reception desk module has 6 continuous horizontal matt lacquered bands. Select these in a single colour or a combination of as many of our standard colours as you prefer- the choice is yours! Make a positive statement in your office reception area with circular reception desks or rectangular Twist reception desks. Alternatively combine the reception desk modules to create large reception desks or small reception desks.

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TWIST RECEPTION DESKS – Modular Rectangular and Curved Reception Desks

TWIST reception desks are modular in design with curved or straight modules that can be combined to produce large stylish reception desks.Therefore these modular reception desks are perfect for even the largest reception areas. Curved reception desks are straight forward to compose.  You can select a small or large semi circle and a complete circular desk.

— All desk tops and legs are in 28 mm matt white melamine laminate
— All Vertical Front panels are in 28 mm matt lacquered in 6 separate horizontal bands.
— Please select the horizontal panel colours in your preferred colour combination.
— The 246mm wide glass counter top on all 1060 mm high modules is in 10 mm laminated glass.
— Each desk module has a 60mm semi gloss aluminium laminate kick plate to protect the base.
— Each module can be used as an independent small reception desk either curved or rectangular. All modules can  be linked and combined together to create larger reception desks.
— For example to create a larger 2320mm wide semi circular desk for one person please select two curved modules.
— To create a 2320mm circular desk for one person please select three curved modules.
— Add as an extra 80 mm cable holes within the legs to provide horizontal cable access routes.
— Add as an extra vertical cable channels to house cables from the floor to the underside of the desk top..
— The CURVED module 1630 mm wide x 1060 high includes a single 80 mm cable port and a horizontal cable channel.
— All RECTANGULAR modules and the DDA module are supplied with a single 80 mm cable port and a horizontal cable channel.
— The matching low rectangular DDA module is 800 w x 800 deep.

As an alternative you can consider BG RECEPTION DESKS with the front panel in a single horizontal band in one colour only.

TWIST is an extensive collection of modular components that can be used independently or composed together to create much larger bespoke reception desk layouts. Please ask for further details or a space plan to ensure that your selections are available and will fit easily into your reception area.

TWIST Reception desks and front of house desks have 28mm thick vertical matt lacquered front panels.

TWIST Reception desks satisfy the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, which requires lowered work surfaces and counters for the more disadvantaged user. We add within the price lines an 800 wide module but we have curved and rectangular desk elements that can be used as independent reception desks or linked with the other modules. Please contact us for all the available standard sizes and solutions.

With the SEMI CIRCLE T1 Curved reception desk 1630 mm wide x 1060 high that includes a single 80 mm cable port and a horizontal cable channel one can also add rectangular modules to create much larger reception desk combinations for more than one receptionist.

As an example this is one of our popular bespoke reception desk size solutions. Here we have added the 800 rectangular module and the rectangular DDA module .

Our rectangular modules are also available 1200 mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, and 1800 mm wide to create larger versions of the layout below or completely different shapes and sizes to suit your reception area. As larger reception desks are more complex please ask for details and a quotation for your preferred layout.

Add additional 80 mm cable holes within the legs that sit side by side to provide cable access routes horizontally from one end of the desk to the other. Horizontal cable trays are already included within each module.

Add as an extra the vertical cable spines to house cables from the floor to the underside of the desk top.

We have a number of under desk storage solutions that can be added in matching colours and finishes. Please ask for details or view our under desk mobile pedestals.

These are the standard finishes for the BGCIHYTWIST reception desks

White Metallic Grey Medium Grey Blue
Dark Brown Red Asphalt Grey Primary Yellow
Black Light Sky Blue Aluminium