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Dapper Glass Meeting Room Tables (from 1969)

Dapper Meeting room tables

The Made in Italy brand provides much more than a consumer product, it provides an assurance of quality, a certain uniqueness and a design classic. Dapper is a large table composed by a lacquered glass top on die-cast aluminium legs. The extreme simplicity of this table conceals the need to create a practical furnishing element, aesthetically incisive in spite of its sobriety.

Dapper rectangular glass tables are the perfect balance between contemporary design and traditional materials and will provide a sense of well being for all your private and informal meeting areas. Dapper glass meeting room tables with their exquisite die cast aluminium legs and lacquered glass tops certainly follow this high quality foundation.

To enable you to fully enhance your boardroom,meeting room and break out spaces we provide Dapper tables with a choice of die cast polished aluminium structures with Black glass or Extra Clear white glass tops. Alternatively the frames can be selected in a choice of 8 contemporary matt lacquered colours. We even produce a number of our meeting room chairs in matching frame colours.

These Stylish and rewarding Italian designer tables really are multifunctional and extremely flexible. Here we initially offer a table suitable to seat 8-10 people in comfort but many other sizes can be provided upon request. Indeed slightly smaller sizes would work equally well in smaller meeting rooms or as a desk. Transform Dapper tables by adding one of our mobile under desk pedestals to provide a modern high quality executive desk. Dapper tables are exceptionally well made and many non standard sizes can be produced quickly and efficiently to assist you in obtaining the correct size table for your conference rooms and boardrooms.

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Dapper Glass Tables

Dapper Table - end view

Dapper Meeting Tables



Dap[per Glass Topped Tables


Dapper Tables

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Dapper Glass Topped Meeting Table

2400 x 1200mm


Die cast polished aluminium


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Dapper Meeting Table Frame Colours

Matt frame colours

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All Dapper tops as standard are provided with a slightly curved rectangular top with radius soft corners.
Please inform us where tables are to be used end to end and we will produce a pure rectangular top,

Dapper plan

EXTRA CLEAR WHITE GLASS: Dapper meeting tables are available in extra clear white painted glass. Extra clear glass is a low iron glass with very high light transmission which is practically colourless and the green cast inherent in other glass is not present. The process is further enhanced by lacquering the underside white providing the glass top with a true white colour.

A number of our seating products have matching frame colours. For example our Stylish Klera chairs in recyclable aluminium are available in all 8 of the matt painted colours; see

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